Linking investors where the sun is.

Who We Are

PV South is a specialized engineering company mainly focused on photovoltaic energy generation projects. Our comprehensive range of services combined with our extended experience handles all aspects of development including project management, design, tests, commissioning and operation & maintenance services. Our skilled and dedicated engineering team gives us the strength and ability to deliver complex schemes on time and within budget.

We are forward-thinking, innovative and committed to adding value to every project. With over 13 years proven large scale construction experience within the energy sector we have the necessary skills and relevant experience to make a valuable contribution to our customer’s project life-cycle. Early engagement with PV South will enable you to draw on experience to deliver solutions rather than problems.

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Developing PV plants

We have more than 13 years experience on developing new PV photovoltaic projects, from the ground mounted since portfolio done by thousands of residential installations, or commercial large rooftop installations, we have large experience in all sectors, dealing directly with investors.

When the grid parity will arrive, the South of Italy will reach as first the goal.

We are developing  PV projects in an area located in one of the most high production in Europe, where we can easy reach 1550 Kwh per each Kwp installed. Considering the following facts:

The locations that we are proposing for the investment are located in one of the highest place for PV production in the entire Europe.

Digitalized Photovoltaic Greenhouses

The double use of Soil is the crucial factor in order to have profitable projects.

We are specialized in developing, installing and operating “Digitalized photovoltaic Greenhouses”, were the investors can share not only the Greenhouse, but as well the connections systems, SCADA system, security systems and as well the monitoring team.

This kind of projects can be very profitable in case of the Incentives has a premium for auto consumption.

We can offer our experience also to agricultural companies interested on developing Photovoltaics Greenhouses.

Project Management

We have an experienced team of local Project Managers, ideal to follow construction in South of Italy. We can provide a full case history related to projects successively built and currently under operation in South of Italy since 2006. Thanks to the links that we have with DNO, ICP and other players involved in the PV projects, we can deliver your projects on time without extra costs. For this reason we are thinking that we are the best way to be used in order to connect investors to the sun. Our services are listed below, but we are happy to cooperate to find the Best solution for your projects.

Site audits and surveying

Budget forecast

Client's representative

Due diligence assessment

Management of EPC/ICP contractors

Project progress reports

Site supervision and management

Punch list closing and inspection


Our main office is located in UK, for easy (also weekly) meeting with Founds and Investors. Our operative office is located in one of the highest place in Europe in relation to irradiance.
We are providing O&M services within 3 hours from the call, from our operative office we can reach the 5 regions with highest production in Italy. (Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Sicily). The following services, done according to IEC TS regulation and report in English, are available.


We have a good experience in the management of ground mounted photovoltaic systems and we know that in case of network instability, the DNO does not always provide solutions that can work with the availability set in our O&M contract.